popcorn in air fryer

When getting ready to watch your favorite movie, a bowl of popcorn comes in handy. Since it’s not an activity where you will burn calories, you should know the healthiest way to prepare your snacks. You shouldn’t fry your popcorn because fried food and snacks are the number one cause of obesity and illnesses such as hypertension. Making popcorn in air fryer is your solution as it helps you cut off unnecessary calories in the form of fats in your diet.

Can you pop popcorn in air fryer?

Yes, you can make popcorn using an air fryer. It is a simple process, and all you need is to learn the simple steps. Start by getting everything required, which includes a few tablespoonfuls of oil and ordinary corn. Despite cooking oil being unhealthy, you still need a little of it to make your popcorn.

You also should have an aluminum foil to help minimize mess as you prepare the popcorn; this method of cooking popcorn can make your snacks fly all over the kitchen. It blows heat to cook food, but when you use aluminum foil, it ensures the grains do not block the air vents. Create a small pouch with the foil paper, but leave ample room for the corn to pop.

Since you can only cook a small amount at a time, get a bowl that can keep the popped corn warm as you prepare the rest. However, it only takes a few minutes to get them ready, and within a short time, you will be watching your movie.

The best temperature to use in an air fryer should be 400F. It cooks the corn thoroughly, resulting in tasty snacks for everyone.

How to use an air fryer

popcorn in air fryer

Whether you just want some popcorn in air fryer or any other food, this kitchen gadget makes the best-fried food.  Anyone can use an air fryer for cooking chicken, vegetables, and other meals. Here are some simple steps of using the air fryer:

  1. Preheat the air fryer before putting your food. This makes it crispy; when you add your corn, meat, or vegetables before the air fry becomes hot, it comes out limp.
  2. Avoid putting too much corn in the air fryer. Overcrowding the basket in your air fryer makes it impossible for the food to brown evenly because the convection heat cannot reach it.
  3. As the food cooks, flip several times before the timer goes off. You can also shake the air fryer’s basket and redistribute the goodies. This not only ensures even heating but also assures you even crispness.
  4. To reduce the risk of smoking in your air fryer, add some of the oil mid-way your cooking. It is essential for finger foods to enable proper cooking without causing smoke.

Why choose popcorn air fryer over other cooking methods?

  • It’s Healthier Cooking Option

Air fryers help you make healthier snacks because you use less oil. This means your popcorn will not be full of saturated fats like those fried using conventional methods. Apart from popcorn, you can also cook other foods in the air fryer, including vegetables and meat. Besides, air frying retains the natural flavor and nutrients of your diet.

  • Perfect For Neat Freaks

Popcorn in air fryer will not mess your kitchen as long as you cook it a foil paper pouch. Traditionally, there was always a mess to clean up after cooking popcorn.  The oily cooking utensils and the stove need washing before you can peacefully sit to enjoy watching a movie.  But with air frying, you simply remove the popcorn from the foil pouch and dispose of it. You can then relax and enjoy your snacks.

  • Reduced chances of overcooking popcorn

An air fryer reduces the chances of your popcorn burning or getting overcooked. You have a timer that you set to perfection, depending on how you first batch cooks.  It is an easy way to cook perfect popcorn for anyone, including those without professional cooking skills.

While popcorn in air fryer is an excellent way to make snacks, it takes longer than a regular stove.  Your movie will have to wait as you prepare the corn, but the results are worth the long wait.

Can You Season Popcorn When Using An Air Fryer?

Yes, some of these traditional things about popcorn cannot be changed. It is possible to season your popcorn with caramel or any other seasoning of your choice.  You add it to the bowl where you will pour your hot popcorn.  Shake well to allow the seasoning sink in, and your taste buds will have a great time.

To spread the salt evenly, add it to the cooking oil. Put your corn in the oil and shake it until all the corn is salty and oily. After poping, they will have a pleasant salty taste.  For cheese lovers, grate your cheese and put in the bowl where you intend to pour the hot corn. Shake them and allow the cheese to get into each and enjoy your favorite taste.

With so many ways to season your popcorn, explore them, and choose what you like. But remember to add the seasoning immediately, you remove the popcorn from the air fryer. Cold popcorn cannot absorb your seasoning properly.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that you can make much more than popcorn in air fryer. All you need is creativity, and you will have foods with lower fat content, which not only means healthier but also tastier snacks.  Besides, air frying reduces risks of scalding that are incredibly high in regular deep frying. Also, almost anyone with the necessary cooking skills can make their popcorn with this kitchen gadget.

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